Biysk city
    The oldest town in Altai Kray which preserved the atmosphere of merchant class of the 19 century. On the photo- the Biyskiy Drama Theatre, former house of the merchant Kopylov.
    Barnaul City
    Barnaul is rich in monuments established in honor of great events and famous people.
    Kamen-na-Obi City
    The town is famous for railway bridges through the river Ob. The first bridge was built in 1961, the second one in 2009 year.
    Zmeinogorsk City
    Zmeinogorsk ia a symbol of ore richness of Russia and outstanding technical achievements in the sphere of mining and metallurgy.
Ekaterina Savinova
She was born on 26 December in 1926 in village Eltsovka in El'tsovskiy district of Altai Kray. She graduated the Moscow Institute of Cinematography with honors. Savinova's debut in cinema was in 1950 in comedy film by I.A. Pyr'ev "Kuban Cossacks".
Aleksey Ivanovich Skurlatov

Aleksey Ivanovich Skurlatov was born on 30 March 1922 in village Nalobikha of Kosikhinskiy district of Altai Kray. He is a member of the Great Patriotic War, scout and signalman, cavalier of two orders of Red Star and many other awards. Aleksey Ivanovich Skurlatov became a prototype of a famous monument "Alesha" devoted to Soviet soldiers-liberators in Bulgarian town Plovdiv.

Valeriy Zolotukhin
Valeriy Sergeevich Zolotukhin - Soviet and Russian actor of theater and movie, national artist of the Russian Federation was born in village Bystriy Istok of Altai Kray.