Belokurikha Resort
    Classic resort of European level. Belokurikha attractiveness creates a combination of three factors: beautiful nature, healing properties of the local waters and good infrastructure accommodation and leisure ...
    Edge Caves. Kolybel' Chelovechestva
    A treasure trove of ancient historical heritage. This is a unique area where the monuments reflect all the major archaeological periods: from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages Here nature has created masterpieces worthy of admiration ...
    Saline Lakes
    Edge of a thousand lakes – so often referred to as steppes of Altai. There are more than three thousand of the most beautiful lakes - the richest sources of minerals used for medicinal purposes ...
    Rudniy Altai
    One of the most interesting tourist areas of Altai. The relief commission favors simple sports travels foot, ski, bicycle, automobile, boating ...
    Biruzovaya Katun'

    Beautiful nature, hike, ski slopes, year-round recreation. Here almost all landscapes coexist Altai: mountains, wild river, forests, pastures ...

    Biysk City

    The second largest and the eldest city of Altai Krai. Biysk - one of the six cities of Russia and the only beyond the Urals, it was founded in 1709 by an edict of the Emperor Peter the Great ...

    Aya Natural Park

    Tourist area, the heart of it is Aya Lake. Huge amount of bases, hotels, cottages. One of the most "populated" tourist areas of the region. And next - neighboring wildlife ...   

Altay region - Leader In Cheese Production
Altay region produces nearly half a million tons of milk a year and a half of milk is used as raw materials in industry syrodelcheskoy. Every sixth head cheese made ​​in Russia in the Altai region, and throughout the year in the region for every Russian is available for a pound of this product.

    Beijing - Paris Rally
    "Beijing-Paris rally will be held on the territory of Altai in 2016"- told Sergey Pospelov, the chairman of the Federation of Automobile Sports of Altai.
    Photos-Artem Artmov
Find In Denisov's Cave - Altai Human
The remains of previously unknown species of ancient people in Denisov's cave located in the Altai Territory , in 2008 found the remains of previously unknown species of ancient people. Phalanx and few teeth .

The study found mothers , scientists have determined that the child belonged to the phalanx , girl. And some teeth - an adult male. Researchers believe that the remains date from the period 50-45 thousand years ago.

Denisovsky man structurally closer to the Neanderthal DNA than to other types of homo. In Eurasia , there were two archaic species - Neanderthals in western Eurasia and " denisovtsy " - in the east . Habitat Homo sapiens altaiensis partially overlaps with the habitat of Neanderthals and modern humans. About 2.5 % Neanderthal genes found in European and other cultures . Denisovtsy left 4-6% of their genes in the genomes of modern Melanesians , so somewhere in the world go far - distant relatives Denisovskoe people.

Denisovtsy left evidence of a high level of culture, far ahead of his contemporaries. The cave found the bracelet and ring carved using techniques characteristic of much later stages of human development.