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Accommodation All Year Round
In the Altai region operates 18,100 year-round placements. In 2013, their number increased to 16,600, including due to the substitution of seasonal tourist accommodation on the year-round. Winter holiday tourists organized with comfort!�

Swiss hoteliers visit
With hotel base region Delegation Visited Swiss hoteliers (graduates of Lausanne Hotel School of Management) . In the summer of 2013 they visited cities and Bijsk Belokuriha and SEZ TRT " Turquoise Katun ".

In general , with regard to the submission of offers Altai region , the delegation impressed by the beauty of nature and the Altai subdued national cuisine . The representative of India Dusan Nath said that he loves in the Altai region . He fascinated the nature of our region and its tourist potential . Resorts Belokuriha Swiss hoteliers compared with French . Among the examined objects hoteliers highlighted sanatorium " CJSC Belokuriha Resort " and " Altai -West» part of good practice in training and quality room stock . Highlighted maisonettes in the " Garden of Eden ", and decorated in a Russian -style rooms in the "Belovodie" .

Hotel base Altai Krai
According to preliminary results of 2013 the number of tourist companies operating in the region, more than 900 units ( 2012 - 885 ) , of which about 668 - accommodation facilities , camps and "green" home. Tourism tourists provide 182 hotels, 44 spa facilities, 150 camp sites and recreation organizations , 186 green homes.

In general, a one-time placement of seats in collective tourist and recreational and health and fitness , as well as children's health institutions is 47,600 , including year-round - 18 100 .