• Belokurikha River
Altai Territory, Smolensk District

It flows in the Smolensk region of the Altai Territory through a mountain gorge. It originates on the northern slopes of Mount Sinyukha (1379 meters), flows into the Peschanaya River.

The length of the river is 31 kilometers, the bed is rocky. Many thermal streams with curative radon water flow into the river. In these places, the channel does not freeze even in severe frosts.

In the valley of the Belokurikha River there is a federal resort town of the same name. In the resort area, the banks of the river are concreted. The width of the stream in high water can reach 5 meters, narrowing to a meter in cold weather. In front of the city, the river flows at the foot of Mount Tserkovka, beyond Belokurikha it goes to the plain, where the flow of the river calms down. A few kilometers after the village Starobelokurikha flows into the Peschanaya River.

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk
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