• The birthplace of river Ob
Altai Territory, Biysk District, Odintsovsky Posad settlement.

Ob- the longest river in Russia - 5,410 km with tributaries. It is formed by the confluence of the mountain rivers Biya andKatuni... The waters of Biya and Katun are of different colors, and for a long time they flow without mixing.

Merger of Biya and Katuni, sourceObilocated slightly below the cityBiysk... The two main rivers of the Altai mountains merge near Ikonnikov Island, giving birth to one of the greatest rivers in Siberia. There is an interesting “river” sign on the island arrow: “Katun + Biya = Ob”.

This place was considered sacred by many local tribes, the philosopher and artist Nicholas Roerich wrote about it as a sacred point where the final battle of Good and Evil will take place and the fate of human civilization will be decided; there was also talk of an ancient sanctuary where the Golden Baba was supposedly hidden.

Trade routes passed here, in the 17th and 18th centuries there was a convenient crossing over the Ob, which opened a short way to Mongolia and China. Now at the source of the Ob standstempleAlexander Nevsky.

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk

Where is
Altai Territory, Biysk District, Odintsovsky Posad settlement.
How to get there

Tourists can get to the source of the Ob in several ways, depending on the time and character traits at their disposal: romantics will like a leisurely walk along Biya on the "Ivan" motor ship; to the village of Ikonnikovo.