• Charysh River
Altai region

The Charysh River originates on the slope of the Korgon Range. From the border of the Altai Territory with the Altai Republic to the village of Charyshsky, there are the most beautiful places suitable for rafting and recreation.

It flows both over the mountains and over wide plains. Rapids and rifts meet here, and the mouth is located above the village of Ust-Charyshskaya pier. The water temperature in the river is not the same everywhere - at the bottom it rises to +20, and at the top it is quite cold.

You can start rafting down the river from the village of Sentelek, and finish either at the mouth of the Teplaya river, where the Zazubra base is located, or in the village of Charyshskoye, or go to the villages of Kharlovo or Maralikha. Kumir-Charysh-Korgon-Charysh is a route of the fifth category of difficulty, and the Charysh river itself belongs to the second category of difficulty.

You can go fishing on the river: grayling, taimen, pike, perches, chebaki - the waters of Charysh are rich in fish for every taste.

Places in the area of the Charysh River are attractive both for speleologists and simply for tourists who prefer speleo routes. For lovers of ancient finds and historical monuments, there are also many interesting things here. For example, the caves near the village of Ust-Kan, where the sites of ancient people were found.

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk 


Travel Tips

  • Take your fishing rod with you. The river is home to grayling and royal taimen - the dream of every fisherman, there is pike, perch, burbot.
  • Rafting on the river can be combined with an excursion to some caves, but you should definitely take an experienced guide with you.
  • Take your tent with you. If there are no camp sites on the cozy picturesque shores, you can always find convenient places for summer camps and campgrounds.
Where is
The Charysh River flows through the territory of the Altai Republic and Altai Territory, the left tributary of the Ob.

How to get there
The most interesting river appears to tourists in the Charysh region. You can get there by personal transport, a regular bus to the village. Charyshskoe, s. Sentelek.