• Biryuksinsky pass
Altai Territory, Altai District, Seminsky Ridge.

The Biryuksinsky pass is low, located on the Seminsky ridge, through which the road passes between the villages of Altayskoye and Aya (Aisky tract). The height of the pass is about 500 meters above sea level.

A picturesque panorama of the forest-steppe foothills of Altai opens from the pass. The top point of the pass is considered a "place of power" according to local beliefs.

The eastern slope of the pass is covered with mixed forests, the western one is buried in Altai grasses, which makes it a unique place for photo sessions.

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk


Travel Tips

  • Biryuksinsky Pass is one of the best places for photo shoots. Be sure to take your camera and don't forget to charge your smartphone!
  • There is a meadow in the place of the pass. During and after the walk, do not forget to examine yourself and your companions for ticks. How to behave with a tick bite, see ourmemo.
  • Be sure to visit all the sights on the way to the Biryuksinsky Pass. In the area of the village of Altayskoye and"Turquoise Katuni"you can find many beautiful and interesting places.
Where is
Altai district, Seminsky ridge
How to get there
By personal transport to the SEZ "Turquoise Katun" or with. Altai. Then along the Aisky tract to the road sign "Biryuksinsky pass".