• Mount Bell Tower
Altai Territory, Charyshsky District, s. Mallorca (20 km from the village of Charyshskoe)
Mount Bell Tower is a natural monument of regional significance. Its height is 1227 meters. The top of the mountain is built of beautiful rocks resembling a bell tower - hence the name.

At the foot of the mountain there is a lake and a rock formation of a unique shape - Mount Frog, the locals call it the Second Bell Tower.

The Bell Tower mountain consists of a granite monolith; a trail leads to the top. By car, you can drive up almost to the very foot, the further rise to the top will take about two hours, and with good physical fitness of tourists - even less. Here you can go rock climbing. A beautiful view of the surroundings opens from the top.

The Bell Tower can be seen from the Charysh - Barnaul highway, from the Kozlukha mountain, near the village of Mayak.

Travel Tips

Almost anyone can climb the mountain. However, it is better to use a belay (harness, zhumar, carabiners, clamps), since the sheer cliff rises 200 meters above the mountain.
Where is
Charyshsky district, Mallorca village (20 km from Charyshsky village)
How to get there
By public and private transport.