• Mount Tserkovka
Altai region. The mountain is located in Belokurikha.

Small churchIs a great viewing platform. It is here that you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the resort and the ridges of the Cheginsky ridge. Take a walk and you will be able to examine in detail all the interesting details, slowly observing the beauty around you. On the lift, you can climb even higher and appreciate all the beauties of nature from a high - the beautiful landscapes of the Dunyashkino log, pine forest, at the top you will definitely remember a walk along the very ridge of the mountain.

For tourists, a cafe is organized here, where you can have a delicious lunch at a table overlooking the mountains. Nearby is a sculpture similar in shape to a horned bell. You can walk along a wide path to the Tserkovka rock. If you get tired along the way, the comfortable benches will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Rock"Church"formed as a result of the weathering of huge blocks - outlier rocks. Many people notice that it is very similar to a church dome - hence its name "Church", and an Orthodox cross was installed on a stone block.

Having passed a little forward, you will have a beautiful view of the Dry Griva mountain and the Shishi tract, which is located below. Here tourists will meet a fork that will force them to make a choice where to go - to the rocks or a natural boundary.


Travel Tips

It is necessary to take a blanket with you on the lift in winter so as not to freeze.
Where is
Altai region. The mountain is located in Belokurikha. Rather, the resort is located at its foot. From the top to the city about 4 km.
How to get there
To the lift by minibus, taxi, private car. You can get to the middle of the mountain by car, then on foot. The full ascent can be done on foot and will take from one to three hours. The ascent to it begins at the end of the resort area of Belokurikha from the sanatorium "Belokur".