• Blue Mountain
Altai region

One of the peaks of the Kolyvan ridge is calledCyanosis... It rises 1210 meters above sea level and is distinguished by a varied and contrasting nature, which does not make it less beautiful.

From here you can admire the beautyAltai Territory- the city is clearly visibleZmeinogorsk, nearby mountains, including a mountainCharming... There are many magnificent lakes in these places -КолыванскоеWhite, Moss. At the very top of Mount Sinyukhi, granite rocks formed, which combined in various compositions - round and domed. It may seem that the outlines of the rocks are similar to columns, palaces and even animals.

Blue Mountain- one of the most favorite places for pilgrims. Here, granite bowls are formed, the water in which is considered holy. A source can be found on the northern slope. In 1997, believers erected a cross on the top of the mountain.

An interesting fact is that on the mountainCyanosisyou can observe the change of natural zones. If on the slopes you can see forests with an admixture of aspen, then at the very top there are no plants. Here, by the way, you can find rare plants, some of which are listed in the Red Book of Altai Territory and the Red Book of Russia.


Travel Tips

The trail to Sinyukha from the side of Lake Beloye is one and trodden, so it is impossible to get lost. When climbing with a child, be prepared to carry it. Ascent takes 2-3 hours, descent 1-1.5 hours.
Where is
Altai region. 2 km from the village of 8 Marta, Kurinsky district, 8 km south of the village of Kolyvan and. Near the Loktevka River, near Lake Mokhovoy.
How to get there
Bus, taxi, private car to the village on March 8 or the foot of the mountain, then on foot. From the foot of the two paths: along the northwestern slope of Sinyukha and along the northeastern slope of the mountain.