• Mountain Charming
Altai region

This rock was namedCharming, but rather resembles a monster - a fish or a bird, whoever sees it. Sometimes it seems that the stony mouth is the place where the sun wakes up, and in the evening the monster swallows it and it disappears. However, this can only be seen on the days of the equinox.

Our ancestors also noticed the unusual relationship of the sun and mountains and began to study celestial phenomena and perform their rituals right here, on the top of the mountain.Charming.

Here in the southern part there is a beautiful mountain lake that feeds on rain and melt water. The water in the lake is very clear with its shallow lake depth.

A small mountain lake is located in the southern part of the summit of Mount Charming (the rock and its mountain have the same name). The lake is shallow, with clear water, brownish-reddish, slightly swampy. This is the only body of water on the mountain, it was created by rain and melt water. Near the lake, on a flattened rocky outcrop, a shallow hole was carved, up to 30 cm in diameter, 10-17 cm deep. Perhaps the edges were worked by an ancient man, and it was used for sacrifices to the spirits of water.

To look into the huge five-meter mouth of the stone monster, you need to climb to the upper platform in the northern part of the rock. Inside there are two huge stones, more than a meter in size. For what these stones served and by whom they were raised or dropped, these questions have yet to be answered. But its absence makes the observation even more attractive: you can imagine a pagan altar or pew for the first astronomers. Only one thing is certain: the sun is still being devoured by the monster of the mountain.Charmingand is born again, giving us a new day.

Mount Charming and its surroundings. Photo by Vera Salnitskaya


Travel Tips

The most convenient climb to the top of the cliff is from the northwest side.
Where is
Altai Territory, 0.5 km west of the country road leading from the village of Kolyvan to hay meadows (Kuryinsky District of Altai Territory, 5 km from the village of Kolyvan, 6 km from the village of "8 Marta").
How to get there
Walking distance from the village. Before him - by regular bus, personal transport.