• Bust of Academician Alexander Myasnikov
Altai Territory, Belokurikha, st. Academician Myasnikov, 2
The bust of Academician Alexander Myasnikov was installed in Belokurikha in November 2017. The statue is the work of the famous metal artist Eduard Dobrovolsky.

Alexander Myasnikov is the founder of research work on radon water treatment. Having learned about unusual hot springs, A.L. Myasnikov in 1934 first visited Belokurikha and in the same year headed the scientific work at the resort. Under his leadership, the influence of thermal waters on the capillary blood flow and blood vessels of the heart was studied for the first time. Studies have revealed interesting patterns of action of nitrogen-siliceous radon-containing waters and the possibility of their use in certain diseases. The beneficial effect of radon therapy on patients with pathology of the nervous system, thyroid gland, skin, metabolic disorders, and hematopoietic function was revealed. For the first time, taking into account the data of scientific research, indications and contraindications for the treatment of patients were determined, a scientific approach to the use of thermal waters for the most common diseases was outlined.

Noting the unique healing properties of thermal springs, the scientist has repeatedly emphasized that Belokurikha has a great future.

Photo: Alexey Tryshkin

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Altai Territory, Belokurikha, st. Academician Myasnikov, 2