• Shukshin "freaks"
Biysk district, with. Srostki, st. Altai

Two dozen woodcarvers from different regions were invited in 2011 to Srostki to embody Shukshin's eccentric heroes. A week before the end of the 35th Shukshin days in Altai, sculptors created a unique museum and park space in the writer's homeland. It transformed the square opposite the main building of the V.M. Shukshin Museum-Reserve.

Yegor Prokudin and Stepan Razin, a corrosive critic and Alyosha Beskonvoyny, mother-in-law with a son-in-law and accordion player, Katun-girl entwined with a path, Ivan's neighbor and a row of roosters stood by the paths of the maple grove ... ...

From one "weirdo" to another along the grove, there were even dumped paths. You can sit next to some of the figures to rest. The craftsmen took care of the viewer by adding wide benches to the sculptural compositions.

Photo by M. Abdrakhimov, N. Beloborodova, I. Loktyukhin, V. Faddeenkov, rezbaderevo.ru, wikimapia.org and from the Altayturcenter archive.
Where is

Biysk district, with. Srostki, st. Altai.

How to get there
From the Chuysky tract turn to the right along the street. Soviet in the direction of the Great Patriotic War Memorial, pass the village administration and the church. The square will be on the left at the intersection with st. Altai, opposite the main building of the museum (former school).