• Medicine stupa
Altai Territory, Smolensk District
On the side of the road to the construction sites of Belokurikha-2 in the summer of 2016, the architectural composition "Medicine Stupa" appeared. The project of the complex was invented and implemented by the sculptor Vladimir Voichishin. His idea united two objects - the stupa itself (a tall snow-white cube with pyramidal steps) and an open pagoda with ritual spinning drums, crowned with a statue of Medicine Buddha, installed a little further away. Since the consecration of the architectural complex by the abbot of the Buddhist monastery in Ulan-Ude, this place has acquired special significance for the followers of the Eastern teachings.

In the future, religious buildings of various branches of Christianity and Islam will be erected next to the Buddhist shrine. This project is called the Museum of World Religions. A terrenkur route will be laid to it from Belokurikha-2. The site of the future Museum is interesting because the Tibetan lama chose it.

Photo by V. Vaitiev and the Committee on
public relations and mass media of Belokurikha.

Travel Tips

It is worth climbing to the Medicine Stupa because it is located next to the viewing platform on a steep cliff, from where a majestic panorama opens up.

Where is
Smolensk region, close to the Belokurikha-2 complex under construction and the Iskrovskoe mineral water deposit.

How to get there
After the 56th kilometer of the P-368 highway Biysk-Belokurikha - turn to Novotyryshkino. At the crossroads in 7 kilometers - beyond the "Siberian Compound" before the turn to Ulyanovka. At the exit from the village - turn left to a new pass. From the top of the pass - along the dirt road, following the signs.