• Guseletovskie lakes
Altai region

Guseletovskie lakes are fragments of a large ancient sea and equally have all the unique and medicinal properties. Tourists are attracted by the reserves of unique curative mud, which contains metasilicic and orthoboric acids, which are natural antibiotics.

“When scientists collected the Dead Sea mud and compared it with ours, it turned out that our mud is more valuable in terms of its composition and number of elements,” he said.Sergey Neverov, director of the recreation center "Guseletovskie plesy". - As for the infrastructure, seven years ago there was a bare field near the lakes. We took out eight trucks of garbage, extended power lines, water pipes, and built a base. Now our number of rooms is one hundred houses plus a place for a tent camp ”.

The village of Guseletovo fully justifies its name. Geese are literally here at every turn. The rural flavor perfectly conveys the whole courtyard, where you can see a bull, a horse, goats, rabbits ... Geese, of course, are held in high esteem and, judging by their behavior and sleek appearance, they understand this very well.