• Lake Burlinskoe
Altai region

Lake Burlinskoye is located in the Slavgorod region of the Altai Territory. Since the middle of the 18th century, this region had the status of the salt capital of Western Siberia. The first information about the lake appeared in 1768. Salt wagons went to Central Russia and St. Petersburg. The characteristic saying of Catherine II has come down to us: "... From now on, I will order the tsar's table to serve Burlin salt.""Tsar's salt shaker"- so called the edge of lakes Peter the Great.

The area of Burlinskoye Lake is 31.3 km2, the average depth is less than a meter, and the maximum depth is 2.5 meters. The amazing color of the water in the lake - from pink to deep crimson depending on the season - is due tocontent of microscopic red algae.

Photo by Olga Klein, World of Stone Museum and Slavgorod Administration.