• Lake Kulundinskoe
Altai region

The largest lake in the Altai Territory is consideredKulundinsky lake... When you stand on one side, you cannot see the other side. The water here leaves only with the help of evaporation, which occurs in hot weather; neither streams nor rivers flow out of the lake. Water inKulundin Lakequite salty, despite the fact that inBig spring lakeit is even saltier - 160 g / l.

The nature of these places is striking in its beauty - there are steppes around the lake, along the shores you will find many sandy beaches, very clean and comfortable. An ideal place to relax with the whole family - you can just swim or have fun taking a ride on a jet ski, which you can also rent here.

Warm water, small-scale and open shore will provide an excellent rest for children - here they will be safe, and the bright sun will undoubtedly bring them great joy.


Travel Tips

"Wild" tourism is developed on the Kulundinskoye lake. There are many holidaymakers here, arriving by private transport and having a rest in tents.
Where is
The lake is located in the north-east of the Kulundinskaya plain, 64 km from Slavgorod. Kuchukskoye Lake is located to the south of Lake Kulundinskoye. The lakes are connected by a channel on which there is a water regulating dam.
How to get there
By personal transport to the village. Znamenka. By regular bus to Slavgorod, then by taxi to the village. Znamenki.