• Catherine's adit
Altai Territory, Zmeinogorsk, st. Shumakov.
The Catherine Kunst-Stadt (better known as the Catherine adit) is a monument of technical architecture of the 18th century. The entrance to it is located near the Serpent Mountain, in the city park.

The vaulted mouth, for the first time at the Zmeinogorsk mine, lined with stones without a fastening solution, has been firmly held for two centuries. Old-timers say that the length of the underground passages of the mine was kilometers.

Photo: Alexey Zyryanov.

Travel Tips

Currently, only the main entrance and a narrow gallery no more than six meters long are accessible.
Where is
Altai Territory, Zmeinogorsk, st. Shumakov.
How to get there
From Barnaul to Zmeinogorsk by intercity bus or personal transport. The entrance to the Catherine's adit is located in the city park from the street. Shumakov.