• Aerodrome "Lesnoy"

Pilots and paratroopers of the Barnaul Aviation Sports Club have been training at the Lesnoy airfield since 1991. DOSAAF athletes relocated here from the old airfield of the regional center (where the Europe and Moscow shopping centers later appeared) before the active development of Pavlovsky tract began.

Under favorable weather conditions at the Lesnoy airfield, you can make a parachute jump according to one of 11 programs (differ in the level of difficulty: for beginners, for instructors, for flight personnel). Or go on a solo or group flight on Yak-52 and An-2 planes with aerobatics, video filming and elements of independent aircraft control. It also provides training in flying the Yak-52. On weekends, an aviation technical museum is open at the airport. Photo and video filming is allowed.

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Where is

Pos. Lesnoy Pervomaisky district

How to get there

By personal transport from Barnaul across the New Bridge about 10 kilometers. Behind the sign "Bobrovka" ("Firsovo") - to the right. Between the 12th and 13th kilometers - to the left and about another kilometer.

By minibus - about 35 minutes and another 10 on foot from the highway.