• Chapel of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir
Barnaul, pl. Bavarina, 1
The current Orthodox chapel named after the Grand Duke, at which the baptism of Rus took place, has been crowning the beginning of the city's main avenue since 2004. The project itself appeared back in 1995: the Barnaul architect Alexander Dering developed the external appearance of the chapel in the style of Old Russian architecture.

The construction of the temple building took a year, the interior painting was done when the building gave up. The chapel was opened, solemnly transferring it to the Barnaul and Altai dioceses, in August 2005, during the celebration of the 275th anniversary of Barnaul.

The image of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir was handed over to the chapel by the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Several icons were painted by masters from Sofrino, the rest - in the Barnaul icon-painting workshop "Isograf".

Photo by Pavel Filatov
Where is
Barnaul, pl. Bavarin, 1.
How to get there
By public or private transport to the Rechnoy Vokzal stop.