• Beach entertainment complex "Prichal 22"
Yarovoe, st. Gagarin, 3-b

The beach complex "Prichal" on the northern shore of the salt lake Bolshoye Yarovoe has been growing since 2004. Automobile codes of the Siberian regions have been assigned to the three recreational areas with different types of accommodation and entertainment that have developed here. The noisiest and largest of them is Prichal 22: the beach strip is half a kilometer long, only one cafe can accommodate about 800 people.

The entertainment that never dies down even at night and the busy concert program of popular people in show business have made Prichal 22 the fame of the “Russian Ibiza”. The Malibu Beach Bar gathers grandiose open-air parties with thousands of guests and spectacular special effects (fire, laser, LED). Dance and freak shows, break dance championships, festivals of electronic music and Russian chanson, foamy aquapati include a two-month "night" program of "Berth 22". DJs from all over the country play progressive music here, and residents of stand-up shows perform in front of the public. The beach is home to the Take Away Family Festival, water flash mobs and weekly paint festivals. Every day, right on the sand, they organize master classes in club, Latin and oriental dances, strip plastics. Trainers give lessons in Pilates and yoga, bio-recharge, water aerobics and children's fitness.

The Prichal 22 project was shortlisted for the Russian Event Awards, a regional competition of the National Award in the field of event tourism.

At Prichal 22 there is a children's center “Ostrov” - with attractions and game devices. Equipped with the largest open-air Lava water park in Siberia. In addition to a program full of entertainment with animators, competitions, games and contests, the beach complex "Prichal 22" provides all the necessary service for vacationers. Accommodation of varying degrees of comfort in two nearby small hotels, two car camps - tent and with wooden double houses - or in a stationary campground.

The beach at "Prichaly 22" is equipped with paid showers, toilets and changing cabins, sun loungers. There is a rental of bicycles, ATVs, catamarans, boats and sports equipment. After water and sun treatments in massage cabins, you can get massage sessions and mud wraps, take a steam bath on the shore, go on a sailing boat on the lake.

The food at Prichaly 22 caters to different tastes: in summer fast-service cafes-tents, Uzbek cafe, Chin-chin oriental fusion restaurant and six bars. There is even an "apocalyptic" open-air café: surrounded by the skeletons of vintage cars covered in graffiti, with tanks instead of tables and waiters in zombie costumes.

A non-cash payment system using plastic cards operates on the entire territory of the resort beach entertainment complex "Prichal".

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk, Tatiana Shukite
Where is
Yarovoe, st. Gagarin, 3-b.
How to get there
By private or public transport to the stop "Altayskaya".