• Lava Water Park
Yarovoe, st. Gagarina, 3-b (on the territory of the entertainment complex "Prichal 22")
Four pools and many slides of different heights and lengths are located in "Lava" on an area of more than a hectare. Since the opening of the water park in Yarovoye in 2009, the number of large water attractions here has grown to seven. A three to five second flight on the longest hill is quite a bit lacking up to a hundred meter distance.

Not everyone dares to descend from the 14-meter height of the Kamikaze attraction. Others can be frightened by a rapid fall to a depth of two meters after a disk-like twisting in complete darkness of the "Space Hole", when it is impossible to make out where is the surface of the water and where is the bottom ... ... Until the descent is free, they will not allow the next start. By negligence, the injured will be received by the first-aid post.

In addition to extreme diving in "Lava" there are several more gentle slopes - in the pools or with the so-called "dry finish" (stop at the end of the gutter). The most timid ones can fly in pairs or even in three, hand in hand, along parallel water paths.

Frozen bathers move from a regular and cold pool to a warm one or to a sauna.

In the children's area, the water is always heated and low slides: a sea miracle and a descent with a fountain, here is a half-submerged ship. Away from the pools there is a playground and a trampoline.

The water park has changing rooms and storage rooms, a fast food cafe. For those who have a rest from descents and swims - umbrellas, rocking chairs and sun loungers. After the closure of the pool area in "Lava" comes the turn of entertainment in the karaoke bar, stretching far into the night.

Photo: Tatiana Shukite, Valery Stepanyuk

Travel Tips

Going to the water park, it is better to leave jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and chains) at home: safety measures prohibit sliding down the slides in them.

Where is
Where is located

Yarovoe, st. Gagarina, 3-b (on the territory of the entertainment complex "Prichal 22")

How to get there

By private or public transport to the stop "Altayskaya"