• Biruzovaya Katun'
    It is situated near many places of rest and excursions. Not far from Tavdinskie caves there are park “Perekrestok Mirov” and lake Aya.
  • Beach of artificial lake
    There are the biggest artificial lake, water attractions and entertainment.
  • Biruzovaya Katun'
    Nearly all landscapes of Altai Kray are neighboring there: mountains, rapid river, forests, pastures.

Biruzovaya Katun' Resort

Special economic zone of a tourist-recreational type “Biruzovaya Katun” (Sky-blue Katun) – is the first Russian big complex of natural and extreme tourism. Here one can find almost all landscapes of Altai Krai: mountains, mighty river, forests, grazing lands. “Biruzovaya Katun” is situated in the south of the Krai and the climate here is considered to be the most favorable in Siberia.

The combination of nature and comfort is what makes “Biruzovaya Katun” unique. Tourists can rest on the bank of the river due to the absence of building there; modern buildings and freely scattered and the main “street” of the complex is a true prospect among mountains. Green building materials were used for the building (wood, stone, etc.). Different accommodation types can be found here: from simple cottages to hotels of VIP class.

The artificial lake is a great place of rest in summer – it makes up for the deficit of beaches in the region. Water attractions, warm water, boats, catamarans, trampolines – this all is provided for tourists of all ages. The lake with pure transparent water still does not have its name, so complex visitors have a chance to think of their own one.

“Biruzovaya Katun” is situated close to many tourist sites and excursions, such as Tavdinskiye Caves, park “Perekrestok Mirov”, Kamyshlinskyi waterfall, Lake Aya. There are also lakes where fishing for carp and crucian carp is allowed.

Tourists are offered health-improving programs on the basis of Siberian stag antlers. For the active tourism an extreme park and paintball with renting of weapons and another equipment, water rafting, horse riding and automobile excursions are provided.

“Biruzovaya Katun” is open for tourists all year round. There are also mountain ski tracks with ski lifts and observation points.

Altai Krai, Altaiskiy district, on the left bank of the river Katun' near mountain "Krasniy Kamen'". The square is 3326 ha.

How To Get To Place
By shuttle buses, private transport. Near village Manzherok (along Chuiskiy highway, not far from spring Arzhan- Suu, to the right from the bridge crossing the Katun', behind the bridge- warm artificial lake "Biruzovaya Katun'")
To Come In Order To Return
Svetlana Nikitskaya, the alumna of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov, Moscow city.
-Tourist's and recreational zones have been the topic for discussions in Russia for a long time. In Altai Kray I saw harmoniously realized idea of organization of special economic zone of tourist's and recreational type. Everything is successfully built here - interesting, in harmony with nature and convenient for guests. You managed to combine  mountains, nature and people with all their needs.

I want very much Russians to visit Altai instead of visiting Egypt for the 15th time. The air and the water are wonderful here and there are a lot of opportunities for tourists. By magazines, promos on TV and radio it is impossible to feel the beauty of the region, to feel the hospitality of hosts.

One should come here in order to return here once more. Everyone can not only swim and lie in the sun, in Altai Kray one can see unique places, test their strength, get new knowlegde and skills.
"Biruzovaya Katun" is situated on the lands of a former village Tavdushka which disappeared from the map in 70-s of the XX century. The village was difficult of access, in winter one was able to get to it only on foot or on sleigh. from one side it was drawn in by mountains, from the other side by the river. Such inaccessibility attracted ancient Turkis, they inhabited these regions centuries ago. Nowadays on the territory of tourcomplex take part archaeological excavations.
What to see and what to do
To bath in artificial lake, lake Aya, to observe surroundings, caves, go rafting on the Katun'.
Perfect time for phototour, the time to see emerald color of the Katun'.
Skiing complex and skating rink work in winter.
To visit the holiday "Flowering of Maralnik"