Gorniy Charysh

The Charysh River on the site from border of Altai Krai and the Republic of Altai up to village Charyshskoe is the most beautiful place equally suitable for rafting and meditative rest.

The Charysh is one of the most beautiful rivers of Altai Krai, but this beauty is not in wildness of wa­ter roaring in rapids, as on its tributaries the Kumir and the Korgon, but in its peculiar majesty, beauty of coastal rocks, in smooth bends of the riverbed, in green hills towering above the river and mountains.

The Charysh River between villages Ust'-Pustyn-ka and Ust'-Chagyrka is one of the most interesting sites of the riverbed. A plenty of caves are concen­trated here, a wide beautiful valley is limited from both sides by a continuous chain of hills with outcrops of rocks, and the Charysh spreads on several river­beds, forming islands. Country roads come to the river from both sides and that allows approaching the bank directly by car.

These places are willingly visited by tourists; very frequently it is possible to see catamarans on the riv­er: 2-category rafting down the Charysh 2 is rather popular, too.



The river Charysh, beginning in Charyshskiy district ends it motion in Krasnoshchekovskiy district. The mountain part of the river basin toether with surrounded ridges also called the Gorniy Charysh.

Archaeological, Cultural And Historic Heritage Of Gorniy Charysh

The archaeological heritage of the region is very rich. On some objects is carried out the initial stage of museumificatin, these objects are"Tsarskiy Kurgan" in the Selentek valley, burial mounds in the mouth of the river Teplaya.

High in the mountains near village Vladimirovka is the site of ancient miners which is especially significant. Historical monuments are the remains of fortresses, redoubts forming so called Kolyvan'-Kuznetskay defensive line, and also Demidov's mines. Through the territory of the region passes autohighway Shipunovo-Beloglazovo-Kur'ya.

There are interesting mining objects of the XVIII and XIX centuries, and also quarries of colored stone, the most significant of which are deposits of Korgonskiy  porhyry and granite of Ust'-Belaya.

Rich historical past of Krasnoshchekenskiy district trace in the history of every village; the majority of them were formed in the middle- the second half of the XVIII century.

Among historic-archaeological objects are mine "Staro-Chagyrskiy", cave-mine "Novo-Chagyrskiy", burial mound "Khankharinskiy dol", situated in the left-bank terrace of the river Ini.

Through Krasnoshchekovskiy district passed Staraya and Novaya Kolyvan'Kuznetskie defensive lines, which were built for the protection of population from incursions of martial Dzhungars.There were built defensive fortifications-advanced posts: Chagirskiy, Tigirekskiy, Charyshskiy, advanced post of Kazan Mother of God, Inskaya Protection and so on. In 1777 in the surroundings of Tigirekskiy advanced post was formed village Tigirek, where one can see the remains of the fortification.

Fauna And Flora

There are a lot of wild animals and birds, exclusively favourable conditions for ecological, extreme and trade tourism: hunting, fishing, gathering of cedar nut, herbs, mushrooms and berries. The region is full of caves. In mountain Charysh is situated considerable part of the state reserve "Tigirekskiy"

Key tourist's resource of the zone-the river Charysh. Picturesque valley of the Charysh is created for not complicated water trips as left tributaries of the river Inya and the Belaya in the upper and lower streams. And the rivers Korgon and Kumir with a lot of rapids, including waterfall type, which are perfect for the organization of extreme rafting up to fifth category of difficulty.

What to see and what to do
Rafting on the rivers Charysh, Korgon,Inya. Fishing. Excursions to the reserve. Mushroom picking, berry picking.
Trips to the caves, excursions in the reserve. Mushroom picking, berry picking.
Skiing tourism. Winter fishing.
Rafting on the rivers. Excursions to the reserve.