• Vasiliy Makarovich Shukshyn - writer, actor, director.
  • Temple of Great Martiress Ekaterina in village Srostki
  • Village Srostki Biyskiy district Altai Kray.

Shukshin’s Homeland

The motherland of a famous actor, writer and film director Vasiliy Shukshin is village Srostki in Biyskiy region.

Srostki is an old Siberian village situated 35 km to the south-east from Biysk at the foothill of the mountain Picket, from which one can see a beautiful view of the Katun and the foothills of Altai. Here Vasiliy Makarovich Shukshin, a famous and beloved by people writer, film director, actor, was born and grew up. The monument to Shukshin was installed on the peak of the mountain Picket in 2004.

Vasily Shukshin Museum was opened in 1978 in Srostki. People grew fond of the house at the top of  Picket hill at once, and in 1989 the wooden building of the school in Srostki which Vasily Shukshin had finished and where he even taught for a while, became the main building and the depository of thousands of exhibits. In 1999 when Shukshin could have turned 70, the museum was granted the status of the All-Russian memorial museum-reserve.



Biyskiy district is situated in south-eastern pert of the region,on the Predaltaiskya plain.  Western part is situated within the limits of Biysk-Chumyshskaya upland, eastern-spurs of the  Salair Ridge, south-eastern represents the foothills of  mountain ridge Biyskaya griva (Biysk mane).

How To Get To Place

Through the territory of the region pass automobile highways: M52 "Novosibirsk-Biysk-Tashanta", "Barnaul-Belokurikha". To Biysk-railroad, then on automobile transport.

Biyskiy district
There are not so many areas in Russia of more than two thousand square kilometres, which can brag of sights of national and world-wide significance.
In Biyskiy district there are two of them: the source of the great river Ob', one of the largest in the world, and the Memorial Museum of well-known and lovely writer and director V.M.Shukshin.
What to see and what to do
Shukshin's readings take place in summer in July. Guests from all over Russia come for this large-scale event.
The river Katun' gets its wonderful blue-sky color in autumn.
Contemplative, cognitive tourism, winter fishing.
Wherever you go make a stop in village Srostki, visit museums and complexes!