• Belokurikha Resort
    Belokurikha is one o the oldest resorts of Russia, the sample of classical European resort.
  • Family rest
    In Belokurikha people have a rest with children. There are all conditions for family rest.
  • Skiing resort
    Belokurikha is famous for its skiing trails. There are a lot of them: for both amateurs and professionals.
  • Derevo lubvi
    Lovers and newly wedded come to health resort “Rossiaya” from all over the country. “Derevo lubvi” became the object of pilgrimage


The attraction of Belokurikha as a resort is created by three major factors: picturesque nature, curative properties of the local water and a well-developed infrastructure of roads and recreation.

The air, rich in negative aerons, makes people feel good and fresh. The number of aerons in the air of the resort exceeds the one in a famous Swiss resort Davos. Except for the treatment, the city can boast its quickly developing entertainment industry.

The resort zone of Belokurikha is an autonomous district of the city which is located along a green valley, which can be especially seen when going up on the ski-lift. Twenty five minutes of the rise is a wonderful journey above mountains and forest to one of the most beautiful places of the resort.

The water from mineral springs, lake muds and blue clay are used for the treatment. Unique microclimate, mountain scenery and mineral water springs are considered to have natural curative properties.

Belokurikha is situated a bit far from the city and is hidden in the river valley, surrounded by mountains. Due to its location, winds are scarce and there are a lot of sunny days – around 260! The climate is mild without temperature falls.

Belokurikha is famous for its ski tracks: there are a lot of tracks both for professionals and amateurs. The city acquired the status of a ski resort only at the beginning of the 20th century. There are systems of artificial snowing of slopes which allow to prolong the season up to half a year. There is a mountain ski school where tourists can learn the basics of mountain skiing. Those who do not have their own equipment can borrow one: skis, snowboards, sleighs, etc.

Horse riding is also popular among tourists. There is a horse breeding farm. Paragliding and sky diving are quickly developing, too.


Altai Kray. In the south of the region in Belokurikha valley, on hight of 240-250 meters above the sea level near the foothill of mountain Tserkovka. In 230 km from Barnaul and in 70 km from Biysk on the border of Biyskaya plain and Cherginskiy mountain range.

How To Get To Place

Interurban buses, private transport. With railway to Biysk, Barnaul or Novosibirsk, further by bus to Belokurikha. From bus station of Belokurikha by shuttle taxi or usual taxi.
Belokurikha Is Resort Of European Level
Li Tsyan', Guest From China:
-We are very glad that we had the opportunity to visit Altai Kray. All the time we are here it seemed to me that I am in a greenhouse.

Here everything is special - places, food and even air. I think that it is worthy to return here again. We visited Swiss sanatoriums, but Belokurikha is economically more reasonable , it is not inferior to Switzerland in the beauty of nature, the quality of treatment services, delicious food.
Road From Medicinal Font To European Resort
In 1803 the first Russian settlers who had founded village Belokurikha in a river valley, have paid attention to unusual thermal springs - there were about 70 of them in total. The largest one looked like a small, but deep lake with transparent and warm water from the bottom of which rose fountains of sand and pebbles. The springs and the river did not get frozen in frosts; ducks and swans wintered on the lake. There were constantly swirling clouds of white steam above the river in the area of springs. The valley had a surprising microclimate, and bathing in springs removed weariness, promoted treatment from many chronic illnesses.
In 1866 peasants informed the well-known scientist and engineer of the Altay mountain Direction S.I. Guljaev about their supervision concerning medical properties of spring water; and under his initiative in 1867 in newspapers there were published the first data on hot curative springs in foothills of Altai. With his own finance and under his own drawings he erected the first resort construction Belokurikha -"font" at the main spring.
Where to stay
What to see and what to do

The most attractive tourist seasons in Belokurikha are summer months and New Year's vacation. But with the development of conditions for mountain skiing, with Belokurikha becoming an appealing place for holding conferences, meetings, corporate actions, construction of new health-improving complexes the resort is confidently turning into all-the-year-round one.
The excursion to stables, photographies of golden autumn, weddings and wedding trips.
Skiing, sledging, snowboarding, skating. The excursion to Lebediniy zakaznik, where birds come in winter. Descending from Tserkovka for those who like extreme.
Treatment, walks to Tserkovka, Stables, mass events, quad riding,walks along alleys, terrenkurs. There are billiards clubs and bowling, and also cafes and restaurants representing diferent kinds of cuisine.