• Region of thousand of lakes
    There are a lot of big and small, deep and shallow, fresh, salt and salty-bitter lakes in Altai Kray.
  • Useful muds
    The greatest effect from the lakes can be achieved by the treatment of musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin diseases.
  • Region of thousand of lakes
    The concentration of attenuated salt in water of the lakes make it one of the most salted on the planet.

Saline Lakes

Thousand lakes region – that’s how they usually call the Altai Krai steppe districts. There are more than 3 thousand beautiful lakes of different water chemical composition which represent the richest sources of the mineral raw materials and can be used in healing aims. Their healing properties are proved not once: in chronicles - one can find the experience of many local dwellers’ generations, practically – by modern medical research and visually – by a great number of tourists coming to the banks every summer.

According to the research done by Sverldlovsk, Tomsk NII of Balneology and Physiotherapy, Volgograd Institute of Profpathology, Toxicology and Hygiene and staff of Altai State Medical university, the most perspective healing effects have the brine, muds and clay of the lakes: the Bolshoye and the Maloye (Big and Small) Yarovoye, the Saline, the Krivoye, the Belenkoye,the Krivaja puchina,  the Kulundinskoe,  the Kuchuk, the Syropjatovskoe,       the Harkovskoe, the Guseletovskoe, the Gorkoe-Melnikovskoe, the Baklan, the Baklanenok, the Lechebnoe,        the Malinovoe, the Bol'shoe Mormyshanskoe, the Gorkoe, the Gorkoe-Peresheechnoe.



Altai Kray, north-west. Lakes are spread practically on the whole territory of the region, but the most famous among them are concentrated in 4 districts: Slavgorodskiy (lakes Bolshoe Yarovoe and Maloe Yarovoe), Romanovskiy and Zav'yalovskiy are situated in forest-steppe part of Altai Kray.

How To Get To Place

To drive to saline lakes one can use private transport to the place or by interurban buses from the nearest areas to large inhabited points. The area of railway connections with Moscow, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Astana, regional centers are connected with regular bus connections with Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo, Pavlodar.

Heritage Of Ancient Seas-Unique Salt Lakes

Altai Kray is rich with lakes. The total number reaches about ten thousands. This territory was occupied with ancient sea thousands of years ago. Then water retreated leaving behind unique lakes

The largest lakes: the Kulundinskoe, the Kuchukskoe (Kulundinskiy districts), the Gor'koe (Novichikhinskiy district), the Bolshoe Topol'noe,  the Gor'koe (Romanovskiy district), the Bolshoe Yarovoe (Slavgorodskiy district). Steppe lakes are shallow. Average depth is two-three meters. They are situated singly, by groups or elongated in chains along river's valleys.

Rehabilitation And Treatment

Lakes and its surroundings have a unique complex of curative and health-improving factors: famous sulfide-silt saline mud, useful freshwater mud, brine of lake Solenoye, bathing in which is similar to bathing in the Dead Sea.

In Zav'yalovo mineral water of middle degree of mineralization 5-6 g/l is extracted, it is useful for the tretment of chronic gastritis, colitis, chronic diseases of liver and bile-excretory ducts, uncomplicated gastric ulcer and duodenum, metabolic disorders.

What to see and what to do
Bathing in saline water, gather strength and take a rest are the main occupations in summer. Also the treatment with water and mud.
Mushroom and berry tours are waiting for tourists. Beautiful nature for art-trips.
Excursions through sights of the nearest regions. In winter on many lakes take place competitions in ice fishing, including regional.
Fishing in freshwater lakes, rest in tents, undergo treatment in health-centers.