Katun' River / Biruzovaya Katun' Resort

The Katun' River is the biggest mountain river of Altai (its length is 688 km) and one of the most beautiful ones. The left bank of the Katun' is completely occupied by tourist sites, complexes, hotels, camping sites. The number of tourists in summer is so big that it seems to be the centre of the world.

Being suitable for rafting from the end of April till October, the Katun' is highly popular among raftsmen from both the Russian Federation and other countries. Rafting down the lower part of the Katun' is of 2-3 category of complexity.

The river is most beautiful at the end of August - the beginning of September, when the glaciers stop melting; the water becomes light and gets a turquoise shade. The Katun' is called the Queen of Altai; its name is also translated as "mistress". Native people have always idolized this river and worshiped it. The legends about the Katun' - the mistress, Katun' - daughter of Altai khan are passed from one generation to another.

Ancient People Built Devices For Crossing Katun'
Ancient people built devices for crossing the Katun'. Higher the mouth  Bolshoy Il'gumen' there were found holes which were made in rocks during the building of rope bridge.
Its erection Alai people connect with the name of hero Sartakpai. A youth and a girl in love were separated by a big river. They spent whole afternoons on the opposite shores. Their talk was suppressed by water.
Neither rain nor cold disturbed them to look at each other. Once during the storm, lightning blinded them. Heartbroken parents permited to the youth and the girl to enter the heavy river to meet there forever.
Once in those places there were the hero Sartakpai. He felt sorry for the heartbroken parents and hollowed out the holes in the rock and made a bridge fastened it in the rocks. Since those times lovers from different shores could meet each other.
The length of the reservoir Katun' is 688 km, the square of the columbine is 60,9 thousands of square kilometers. Flowing together with the Biya it forms the river Ob', one of the largest in Siberia.
Left Bank Of River Katun' And Area Of Lake Aya
The left bank of the river Katun' and the area of lake Aya have very developed infrastructure. On the territory of Nizhnyaya Katun' is situated a natural park "Aya", special economic zone of tourist-recreational type "Biruzovaya Katun'", and also "Altaiskiy park of adventures". There work more than 70 tourist enterprises, more than 200 rural farms.