Charysh River / Gorniy Charysh

The Charysh River on the site from border of Altai Kray and the Republic of Altai up to village Charyshskoe is the most beautiful place equally suitable for rafting and meditative rest.

The Charysh is one of the most beautiful rivers of Altai Kray, but this beauty is not in wildness of wa­ter roaring in rapids, as on its tributaries the Kumir and the Korgon, but in its peculiar majesty, beauty of coastal rocks, in smooth bends of the riverbed, in green hills towering above the river and mountains.

The Charysh River between villages Ust'-Pustyn-ka and Ust'-Chagyrka is one of the most interesting sites of the riverbed. A plenty of caves are concen­trated here, a wide beautiful valley is limited from both sides by a continuous chain of hills with outcrops of rocks, and the Charysh spreads on several river­beds, forming islands. Country roads come to the river from both sides and that allows approaching the bank directly by car.

These places are willingly visited by tourists; very frequently it is possible to see catamarans on the riv­er: 2-category rafting down the Charysh 2 is rather popular, too.

In summer the temperature of the water in Charysh  in the lower course rises to +20 degrees, in the upper it remains cold.