Museum Of Russian Soldier Aleksey Skurlatov /

Alexey Ivanovich Skurlatov was born and lives up to this day in village Nalobikha of Kosikhinskiy district  - he was a Russian soldier. Having become the prototype of well known monument "Aljesha" in Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. This monument to the Soviet soldier, who had liberated Bulgaria from fascist agressors, is glorified in a well-known song of composer E. Kolmanovsky on words of poet K. Vanshenkin. A.I. Skurlatov - the participant of Great Patriotic War, sergeant and signaler. He fought near Moscow, Staraya Russa, forced the Dnepr. He finished war in Bulgaria. His awards are: the Red Star Order, the medal "For courage".
At recently constructed school in village Nalobikha there was opened the Museum of the Russian Soldier.

Alesha Stands Over Mountain, Russian Soldier In Bulgaria. Prototype Of Famous Monument.

Aleksey Ivanovich Skurlatov became a prototype of a famous monument "Aljesha" to soviet soldierliberators in  Bulgarian town Plovdiv.

He took part in Bulgarian operation in 1944, where he met Bulgarian participant of Bulgarian Resistance Metodi Vitanov, who later told about Russian soldier Aljesha, with the help of journalists he found him and confirmed well-known fact about the monument.

Inhabitants Of Bulgaria Preserved Remembrance About Heroes And Monument To Soldier.

Aleksey Ivanovich was in Bulgaria in 1982 , where he was met as a national hero and he was confered on the title of the Honorary citizen of Plovdiv.

National love to war heroes and to the monument personifying  them was sincere. Events of the end of 90s: natives prevented the monument from all the attempts to demolish it. Because of steadfast civil position of people, who remember the events of war, in Bulgaria still there is the monument to Russian Aljesha.