Museum of Ekaterina Savinova /

"Come tomorrow" if you cannot come today. But do come to see those places where Honored Actress of the USSR Ekaterina Savinova lived; she played twenty five roles in films, including "Kuban Cossacks", "Balzaminov's Marriage", and, certainly,unforgettable film "Come tomorrow" (the role of Frosja Burlakova). She co-starred with Anatoly Papanov, George Vitsin, klara Luchko and many other outstanding actors- the legends of the Soviet cinema. E. Savinova glorified her native village with one short phrase fr om the film: - Wh ere are you from? - I am from El'tsovka. It is in Siberia.
El'tsovskiy district is a birthplace for another fameous person - Altai lyricist Vasiliy Bahunov.
The memorial museum of a film actress Ekaterina Savinova functions in village El'tsovka. It is placed in the house neighboring with E. Savinova's parents' house. In first two rooms of the museum there is restored historically authentic enviroment of a country house of 1930-1940 years; the original subjects belonging to the Savinovs are used in reconstruction: open bookcase, a chest of drawers, writing materials, and a kerosene lamp. The second section of the exposition is devoted to creativity of the actress; the atmosphere of a cinema hall is reconstructed here, there are displayed varioys photos from sets and meetings with colleagues, the original diploma and the trade-union card of the actress. Many exhibits were presented to the museum by her spouse, director Eugeny Tashkov. He presented the museum the dress in which the actress appeared in the most known film "Come tomorrow".

Letter From Chairman Of Russian Filmmakers Union Of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov
The opening of the memorial museum in her native village Eltsovka, undoubtedly, is a remarkable event not only for inhabitants of Altai Kray, but for the whole Russia. Ekaterina Savinova, her works and boundless devotion to the profession embody the best traditions of a unique Russian dramatic school. Professor of the Higher Institute of Cinematography Boris Bibikov, teacher of the actress,  once said that during his life he had seen a lot of talanted people but only two of them were so selflessly devoted to art - Konstantin Stanislavskiy and Ekaterina Savinova.
Museum Is Situated In House Of Savinova's Friend
Exposition is organized in the house, where a friend of the actress lived- Evdoxia Burlakova. By decision of the governor of Altai Kray Alexander Karlin this house was redeemed and repaired. This is the friend of Ekaterina Savinova's childhood to whom the character of Fros'ya Burlakova in the film is related "Come tomorrow". Families of migrants from Penzenskaya Guberniya the Savinovs and the Burlakovs arrived in Siberia during the Stolypin's reform years and kept up good relations of three generations. Evdoxia and Ekaterina were friends, they studied together at school.
The museum of a popular RSFSR actress Ekaterina Savinova is included in a brand route "Grand Golden Ring of Altay".
Cinema-Faith To Her Choice
One of the halls of the museum creates the atmosphere of a cinema hall. Documents and belongings of Ekaterina Savinova are shown here. Many of them were presented by her spouse, director Eugeny Tashkov. He presented the museum the dress in which the actress appeared in the most known film "Come tomorrow". Also in the exposition were included  original diploma and trade union card, different photographs from filming locations and meetings with colleagues. According to Eugeny Tashkov, during her eduction in "Gnesinka" Savinova was invited to the Bolshoy Theatre, to a stage, but she refused remaining faithful to cinematography. "Cinema is the devil who takes away your soul"- she admited.