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Hotel Altai
14/12/ 2014

 Hotel Altai is situated in the center of Barnaul, in 7 minutes from the bank of the river Ob' and riverside station.

Guest House Dar
14/12/ 2014

.It is situated in the center of small village Aya, not far from highway Belokurikha-Nizhnyaya Kayancha and Chuiskiy Highway.

Guest House Adaru
13/12/ 2014

Guest House Adaru is situated on the left bank of the river Katun' near lake Aya.

Hotel Garant
13/12/ 2014

Modern hotel, situated in the centre of the town, in the beginning of the resort zone, near health resort "Belokurikha".

NEO Hotel
13/12/ 2014
The hotel accommodates up to 56 persons. The room categories are Standard, Semi-deluxe and Deluxe. Don Quixote Restaurant is in the hotel.
Health Centre Altai-West
It is one of the largest health resort establishments.
Children's Health Centre Belokurikha
Multiprofile all-the-year-round institution for helping children from 7 to 14 years old, for simultaneous stay of 205 patients.
Pension Solnechnaya Gorka
Pension Solnechnaya Gorka is situated in picturesque place in 2,5 kilometers from the center of Belokurikha.
Health Centre Edem
Health centre "Edem" is situated in mountain gorge on the bank of the mountain river Belokurikha for few people.

Pension Berkut
Pension Berkut is situated in the centre of the town-resort Belokurikha.
Health Centre Dolina Altaya
Health centre Dolina Altaya is situated in mountain gorge in tourist recreational zone of Altai Kray.
Pension Severnoe Siyanie
Pension Severnoe siyanie is situated far from the main resort centre Belokurikha, it is perfect for the family rest with children.
Health Centre Barnaul'skiy
Health centre Barnaul'skiy is a sanatorium which uses moderm methods of treatment and rehabilitation.
Health Centre Medical Estate
Health centre "Medical Estate" is situated near Barnaul, in ecologically clear forest zone in 15 km from railway station, in 5 km from airport.
Health Centre Sibir'
Modern multiprofile medical-recreational complex for 408 places.
Health Resort Solnechniy

One of the last soviet buildings in Belokurikha. It stands on the border with town among dwelling houses, the main part of windows are on the side of two ten-storyed buildings of health centre "Belokurikha".

Health Centre Rossiya
Health resort "Rossiya" is the largest multiprofile medicinal prophylactic institution of high category in resort Belokurikha with modern medicinal prophylactic base and more developed infrastructure.
Health Centre of Centrosoyuz

Health centre of Centrosoyuz RF is the biggest cooperative Altai health centre in Russia.

Health Centre Avrora
Health centre "Avrora" in Belokurikha is a new health centre which started its functioning in 2009. It is situated in the heart of Altai resort.
Health Centre Mar'ino
Health centre "Mar'ino" was established in 2002. The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was in the health centre in August 2003, and  by Dmitriy Medvedev  in 2005.