Health Centre Dolina Altaya / Belokurikha

The sanatorium is surrounded by mountain range of Altai foothills, along the gorge flows the mountain river Danilovka. Climatic pecularity of the complex is the presence of directed streams at night which help to clear the air and additional enrichment with negative air ions .



659900, Russia, Altai Kray, Altai district, Danilovka, Lesnaya street.10
(385-77) 34-3-34, 8-962-804-50-00

How to get to the place

Through Belokurikha on shuttle transport, private vehicle
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Biruzovaya Katun' Resort
Pension Dolina Altaya
On the territory of the health centre along the right bank of mountain river Danilovka there is a beach zone, children's playground, the ground for beach volleyball.
Opportunities for tourists

On the territory of the health centre there is a hole with mineral siliceous fluoride sulphate-hydrocarbonate sodium water for outdoor applications.