Health Centre Barnaul'skiy / Barnaul

Health centre Barnaul'skiy is the institution of Altai Kray of Federal Council of Trade Union. Climatebalneomud sanatorium for 480 places of high category is situated in upland part of Barnaul city, on the bank of the river Ob', in ecologically clear forest-park zone with square of 23 ha. The infrastructure is manifold-picturesque territory, artificial waterfalls, fountains, private beach, tame squirrels, pets' corner with brown bears. Medicinal and dignostical base of the health centre fulfill the most modern requirments.



656045 Altai Kray Barnaul, Parkovaya street 21а
+7 (385-2) 684-885, Fax: (3852) 685-630 ,

How to get to the place

Through Barnaul shuttle transport, private vehicle, taxi
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Barnaul

There are convenient rooms, labaratories, medicinal and diagnostic cabinets, equipped with modern outfit , exercise room and exercise therapy, speleo and mud baths, stomotological and cosmetological cabinets, bar and restaurant, shop, There is an inner beach, cafe and sports ground in summer.
Opportunities for tourists

The health centre has specialized department for patients after myocardial infarction and operations on heart and vessels and also for patients after stroke.
There is a program "Krasota i Zdorov'e" including unique rejuvenate treatment.
There are neurologic, gynaecological and rehabilitation centres.