Health Centre Medical Estate / Barnaul

The leading curative factors of the resort are curative muds, Mormyshanskoye lake, special climatic conditions and modern medical equipment.



656037, Russia, Barnaul, village Prigorodniy, Razdol'naya street, 22
Tel./fax 8 (3852) 31-28-86,

How to get to the place

Through Barnaul on shuttle transport, private vehicle, taxi.
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Barnaul
Health Centre Medical Estate
There is twenty-four-hours receiving of guests in the health centre. one can use car park, organization of transfer, arbour, library, billiards, videohall, karaoke, entertaining hall, the groung with brazier for picnic  etc. For all categories of vacationists every evening there are musical-entertaining events, children's and excursion programs, discotheques.

There are also excursion programs to ostrich farm where one can see and feed them. Besides ostriches there are peacocks, decorative rabbits, Vietnamese pig, more than 30 kinds of decorative hens etc. For rehabilitation rest in the health centre there are: baths, closed and open pools, massage cabinet, antlers baths, phyto barrel.
Opportunities for tourists

On the territory of the sanatorium is situated stationary rectangular marquee, which is popular for weddings and great festival.