Health Centre Sibir' / Belokurikha

Health resort has modern medicinal and diagnostic cabinets where about 50 kinds of examination, medical procedures and services take place  by medical passes and rest passes. Together with treatment of traditional for Belokurikha diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissues, nervous, cardio-vascular, endocrine system, there is a complex reabilitation and treatment of respiratory diseases and snore in health-centre "Sibir'" For practically healthy people there are different variants of curative and diagnostic programs.



659900, Russia, Altai Kray, Belokurikha, Slavskogo street,  67
Тел. 8 800 200 3712, (385-77) 2-37-12, 2-05-33, 2-04-13

How to get to the place

through Belokurikha shuttle transport, private vehicle
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Belokurikha

Health Centre Sibir'

Health centre "Sibir'" is a modern multiprofile medical-recreational  complex for 408 places started its functioning in 1979. The health centre is a structural department of "Resort Belokurikha", the largest sanitary-preventive institution of resort Belokurikha. Health centre "Sibir'" is situated in picturesque valley of the mountain river Belokurikha, at height of 250 meters above the sea level.

Opportunities for tourists

In health centre "Sibir'" there is an opportunity for treatment, rehabilitation and rest with children.