Children's Health Centre Belokurikha / Belokurikha

The accomodation of children is of the age principle, taking into consideration physiological pecularities and community of interests, isolated by blocks for 6 wards in 4-6 people in a ward, with game room, water closet, cabinet for medical staff, working twenty-four hours a day.


659900, Russia, Altai Kray, Belokurikha,Slavskogo street,  14
(385-77) 23-358, 21-567, 22-638, Fax: (385-77) 23-358

How to get to the place

Through Belokurikha ob shuttle transport, private vehicle
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Belokurikha
Children's Health Centre Of The Ministry Of Public Health Of The Russian Federation
Children from 30 republics, regions, zones of the Urals, Eastern and Western Siberia, Russian Far East come to the health centre.
Opportunities for tourists
On the territory of the health centre there are situated  play and sports grounds, open swimming pool, summer aerosolarium, flower gardens and recreational zones with terrenkurs.