Health Centre of Centrosoyuz / Belokurikha

Health centre Centrosoyuz RF is situated in the heart of resort Belokurikha, close to natural sights, highways terrenkurs and cableway. Health centre has its own park zone, elements of landscape design, lawns, decorative enjoyment, swings, fountains, stables, SPA-complexes. Besides profile treatment of cardio-vascular diseases and nervous system, respiratory apparatus, health resort has specialized medicinal programs.



659900, Russia, Altai Kray, Belokurikha, Slavskogo street, 45

(385-77) 2-44-32, Fax: (385-77) 2-09-25

How to get to the place

Through Belokurikha on shutle transport, private vehicle.
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Belokurikha
The Pension Of Centorsoyuz
Health centre of Centrosoyuz is all-the-year-round, it is situated not far from cableway and the main terrenkurs. All the buildings of the health resort connected with each other by warm transfers. In the structure of the health centre  there are 5 dormitories at present time, medicinal-dianostic building, 3 pools(1 with a roof and 2 open pools with heating), cultural entertaining centre "Dimond Hall" and other.
Opportunities for tourists

The opportunity of secluded rest and full treatment on the territory of health resort.