Health Centre Rodnik Altaya / Belokurikha

Health resort "Rodnik Altaya" is a harmonious combination of attested methods and traditional treatment, use of the latest technologies and modern equipment, and also attention and care about professional medical officers.
In health centre "Rodnik Altaya" all vacationists can have such unique treatment as antlers, beer, radon baths, envelopment with brewer's yeast.



659900, Russia, Altai Kray, Belokurikha, Brat'ya Zhdanovy street, 2,
Tel.: (38577) 33-003

How to get to the place

Through Belokurikha on shuttle transport, private vehicle
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Belokurikha
Health Centre Rodnik Altaya
Health centre "Rodnik Altaya" stands in a quite, secluded place surrounded by pine forests. Infrastructure of the health centre includes two six-storey buildings which were built in 1998. Between two buildings there was build a warm transfer. The health centre is for 450 people, the number of personnel is 400 employees.
Opportunities for tourists

In the structure of health centre there is the biggest complex of open  pools behind the Urals, it consists of three ponds. In health resort one can take unique treatment-antler bath, which consits of decoction of fresh antlers of Altai deer-maral.