Health Centre Katun' / Belokurikha

The health centre is for 400 places and there is a medicinal department. Rooms with view of the forest and skiing trail. Health centre "Katun'" is close to terrenkures, routes of dosed walking and nearest tourism.



Russia, Altai Kray, Belokurikha, Slavskogo street ,44
(385-77) 2-06-57, 3-81-48, 8-800-200-37-12

How to get to the place:

Through Belokurikha on shutle transport, private vehicle

Main parameters of object
Tourist area Belokurikha
Health Centre Katun'
Private skiing trail (850m) opposite the health centre and near the hotel "Blagodat'", the trail with surface lift (950m)
There is excursion to "Konniy dvor" in " Belokurikha resort" and lake with tea-drinking and visiting of izba-museum "Siberian peasant", izba-museum "German emigrant" of Altaiskiy Ail in village Novotyryshkino.
Opportunities for tourists

Excursion programs to mountain Tserkovka, rise on cableway, sightseeing trip through town-resort Belokurikha. Excursion objects: historic monument "Zmeiniy kolodets", the path to the old  mill, St. Panteleimon church, the visiting of Glaznoy Istochnik, the etnographic museum.