"Tikhaya Zaimka" Farmstead /

There are one four-seated and three two-seated wooden houses, not far from them there are clear springs. There is a Russian stove in the four-seated house. Electric ranges, crockery for cooking are given here. Individual food can be organized. It is also possible to buy local ecologically clear meat and milk production, fruits, vegetables and potherbs up to season.



Altai Kray, Altaiskiy district, village Nizhnekamenka,
8-962-794-2122, 8-906-943-1323,

How To Get To Place:

Public, private transport, taxi
Total number of sleeping areas is 10. Additional places can be established. The houses are equipped with shower cubicles, shells and lavatory pans. There are also piny baths, bathing, winter and summer fishing on lakes, braziers.
Opportunities for tourists
Mushroom and berry picking, medicinal herbs picking , pedestrian walks to the tops of foothills, from which one can watch the panorama of surroundings, excursion to apriary, excursion to village Altaiskoye.