Stag Breeding Farm Nikolskoye / Natural park “Lake Aya”

Siberian stag breeding farm “Nikolskoye” is also situated in the mountainous area with wild and almost uninhabited nature. Apart from health treatment and antlers baths, tourists can go on horse riding trips or fishing. There is also a ski lift where you can rent all the necessary equipment and other services. The complex is located in 130 km from Biysk.



Altai Kray, Altaiskiy district, village Nikol'skoye, Svetlaya street, 1

(3854) 328-073, 328-074,+7-909-503-7779, Fax (3854) 326-984
How To Get To Place

Public and private transport.
Main parameters of object
Tourist area Natural park “Lake Aya”
Recreational complex-several small wooden buildings with all conveniences on the territory of stag breeding farm "Nikol'skoye"
Antler baths, wonderful opportunities for fishing and hunting, horse rising, skating etc.
High quality, home cosiness and lack of fuss are the main advantages of the complex.

Opportunities for tourists
What Can Expect Tourists Who Come On Base Of Stag Breeding Farm?

Health centers offer different services, the main of them are antlers baths, envelopment, applications, masks, different types of massage, baths, saunas, hydromassages, phyto barrels.

Considerable attention is paid to the cuisine:predominantly natural products from own farm are used,in some complexes vegetarian dishes can be prepared by request of persons on vacation. Herbs and balsams of Altai producers are used. Tourists can buy the production from antlers.

On the bases there are some limitations in use of alcohol and smoking. Antlers baths have strong and effective influence on organism, that is why they are incompatible with bad habits.