Rural Tourism

The principal figure , providing accommodation, food and familiarity guests to local attractions is a rural family . If the tourist chooses leisure, he offered horseback riding and hiking, camping in the woods for mushrooms and even river rafting .
Rural tourism can have a positive impact on the revival, preservation and development of local folk traditions and crafts, cultural and historical heritage. This is due to the fact that tourists arriving in the countryside, are often interested in its history and cultural features .
Most developed rural tourism in Charyshskaya, Soloneshensky, Altai and other areas of the province .
Manor - this cozy guest houses. On the territory vladeltsyrazbivayut flower beds, a rest area with an artificial pond or poultry. Required attribute rural homestead - bath. Typically, the estate are located near water bodies ( lakes or rivers ) . It is very convenient for guests who like to swim or just sit with a fishing pole in the early morning . In building usadbyvladeltsy choose modern or ancient national style .

Program developing
Rural population is a considerable part of Altai Kray. Natural conditions, the level of incomes of villagers are the main conditions developing agrotourism  in Altai.

The population of 9 districts of Altai Kray develop rural tourism in Altai Kray- Altaiskiy, Soloneshenskiy, Krasnoshchekovskiy, Charyshskiy, Zmeinogorskiy, Kur'inskiy, Sovetskiy, Soltonskiy, Shipunovskiy, Tal'menskiy.

Rural tourism is the rest in countryside area. Villages with old buildings are considered to be the most attractive.

Agrotourists stay at private houses and farms of villagers. Rural family organizes their rest: dwelling, nutrition and visiting of sights.

Far from «creature comforts»

Home atmosphere, natural products, the opportunity to extract them on one's own, silence, slow course of time, the opportunity to have a rest from "creature comforts".

Rural tourism is a great opportunity to acquaint with traditions and rural way of life, go in the forest and for mushroom picking and berry picking, hunting, take part in agricultural works, in haying, farm-yard, to learn many interesting things.

Village rest is a great opportunity to learn a lot of things- milk a cow, ride a horse, to fish, to mow hay and others.

Fresh milk, pastry from Russian stove, soups with large fat content, vegetables from bed and fruits from bush-what can be compared with such a pleasure?! And baths with tea of medicinal herbs in the evening!!

For those who like unique rural cosiness, the morning starting with rooster singing, quite, serene sunsets, walks through wheaten sea, birds singing in surrounding grove, the smell of different herbs and needles-agrotourism the best variant.

Lessons Of Russian From French Teacher
Frenchwoman rested in a rural house of Pastukhovy (Charyshskiy district). She is a teacher of French from province Fransh-Konte Valentina Grozhan-Zerbino.
Russian baths, pancakes with home jam, fritters of pumpkin, tea of mountain herbs, fish soup from umber cooked by hosts on the bank of the river Charysh, walking route to mountains to "Dead Lake",visiting of stag-breeding farm and other-the frenchwoman was delighted with everything.
She liked that her living among Russian villagers was simmilar to her daily life. She knows a lot about rural tourism, she had travelled through Europe a lot, and leaving our country she said: "This is a real rural tourism"
The pecularity of Altai Kray is a considerable part of rural population. Villagers make up 46% of the population of the region, when on average there are 27% of Russians live outside the cities of the country. There are about 440 thousands of rural farms in the region, they have their private and realize  work of more than 4 thousands of peasant  farming.
Opportunity To Acquaint With Culture Of Kumandins
For those who come to Krasnogorskiy district there is a unique opportunity to acquaint with history, culture, tradttions of minorities- Kumandins.
It is ancient native people of Altai who had lived on the territory since the IX century. More than 300 people live  in Krasnogorskiy district.
The rite of puffing a pipe is a special rite of Kumundins who meet guests. Fire and smoke are holy for Kumundins, they clean and take away everything bad, that is why joint smoking of peace pipe confirms honest and good intentions of guests.