Children's Cognitive Tourism

Museums, country houses, tourist's bases of Altai Kray  are waiting for scoolchildren during  holidays and all-the-year-round, traditionally the museums prepared cognitive and interesting programs and routes for schoolchildren.

The Museums Of Altai Kray

The Museums of Altai Kray develop  and offer  different thematic excursions actively. During the holidays the stream of schoolchildren from the nearest regions and  towns is being increased.

According to the manager of the Memorial Museum of R.I. Rozhdestvenskiy Svetlana Butyrskikh for the beginning of November there is a recording of groups. "We are mostly popular among schoolchildren from Barnaul of middle grades. The excursion with video and verses is very interesting."

In spite of traditional excursions devoted to the famous poet we offer other types of programs, but all of them are connected with the name of famous countryman. For instance, the music of Robert Rozhdestvenskiy friends - composers is heard on musical evenings.

For the Day of Mother which is held in November there is a program "The figure of mother in verses and letters of Robert Rozhdestvenskiy devoted to 100th anniversary of the his mother's birthday Vera Pavlovna Fedorova, patriotic topic is being developed in the limits of 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution"

There is also a new information excursion - ecological lesson "Real Face Of My Land". The students of the schools of Kosikhinskiy district are already familiar with it."We are ready to present any programs with great pleasure for all who wish to visit the museum", underlines Svetlana Butyrskikh. About 500 people visit the museum monthly. Institutions also works as a creative ground, where musical and verse events take place.

The museum which is situated in Topchikhinskiy district has  also prepared interesting excursions. According to the director of Topchikhinskiy Regional Museum Sergey Pozdin usually there are the groups of 30-40 people, during autumn holidays increases the number of them. "We offer the excursion through our museum and also through military unit,which is very interesting for children".They aquaint with modern army, parade-ground, caserme, military sports camp etc. The final point of the excursion is the observation of a real tank."

Children camp

However one can go to children's camp. For example, autumn session "Altai Tumult" will work in Altaiskiy district in camp "Detskaya Imperiya Turizma". 10-15 years old schoolchildren live there. The program contains: entertaining program (rope course, contests, master-classes, relay races) and creative studios the development of creative imagination and thought.

There are also some excursions: bus excursion to Tavdinskiye caves, the monumnet to artist N.K.Rerikh, underwater cave "Ikhtiandr" on the bank of the river Katun', walk through relict pine till "Biruzovaya Katun'", quick march: mountain Gorynya.

Rural tourism

The owners of rural farmsteads offer to have a rest with baths and fishing. "Rural tourism - is mainly the rest with families. Nearest holidays and weekend are reserved. The last tendency is to come to rest with children. They are guests from Barnaul and Aleisk, who came by their own quad bikes to fish and haunt.", said Larisa Pastukhova, the host of the farmstead in Charyshskiy district. According to her warm house for all-the-year-round rest is the only one now and it is always busy by 100%, but during off-season there are also two houses with furnace heating, in which it is possible to be comfortably accommodated.

Excursion Programs

Olga Bokova, the represantative of tourist's company of Altai Kray:

One-two days excursion programs are very popular nowadays. For example in the Museum of Cosmonautics of German Titov in village Polkovnikovo or the Shukshin's Museum in village Srostki.

During school year it is difficult to gather a class even for such a short trip, so we would have to take children from their lessons and a lot of them have extra lessons after school. Besides a lot of tourist's bases offer special prices for school visits, prices are reduced for nutrition and living. Additional services are offered, including some excursions as bonuses to program.

Development Of Tourism In Altai Kray

It must be noted that Altai Kray is one of the regions of Russia which is more suitable for the developing of children's tourism and this direction is in a centre of attention.

Many tourist's enterprises are specialized in children's groups accommodation, arriving for rest, there are also special children's tourist's bases of different level of comfort, summer children's tent camps in the region of Nizhnyaya Katun', Gorniy Charysh, Gornaya Kolyvan' and steppe zone of Altai Kray.

Walking routes are developed and successfully carried out for children of different ages. Nowadays there is an opportunity to have a rest in Altai Kray with children of all ages, from infants to teenagers.

Separate directions-cognitive, historic, archaeological routes and expeditions for teenagers. Special programs for schoolchildren and young people were developed in the limits of the following routes: "Minor Golden Ring of Altai", "Grand Golden Ring of Altai", "Kazach'ya Podkova of Altai". New cultural-cognitive routes are currently being developed.