Pilgrim Tourism

Pilgrimage is a visiting of religious objects and geographical areas which are of a special value for people.
Pilgrims are real tourists, during pilgrimage to relic, they see and visit a lot of cultural sights and natural monuments.
Altai Kray is one of the religious centres of Siberia. There are a lot of religious communities on the territory of the region. The largest one is Orthodox community. It has more than 180 parishes, six cloisters, three sketes. In two biggest towns of the region Barnaul and Biysk there are Cathedrals-Pokrovskiy and Uspenskiy.
In Altai Kray there are Catholic and Lutheran, Moslem communities. There are also some represantatives of different religious directions in the region: Christ Church, Krishna community, Pentecostalism community etc.

Churches of Altai Kray

There are about 200 Orthodox temples in Altai Kray. Today the largest number of churches is concentrated in Barnaul.

There were about more than 22 of them before revolution and in times of Soviet Union there were 3-4 of them in the region, today the number of functioning churches reaches this number. Some of them were renewed and some were rebuild. The largest are Pokrovskiy cathedral, the Temple of John the Apostle, St.Nicholas Church etc.

After revolution disturbances and fierce struggle with religeon  there was left on functioning temple-Pokrovskiy cathedral on the territory of the town. Pokrovskiy cathedral was opened for believers to present day. One of the main relics of the temple is the icon of Great Martyr Panteleimon with relics, which was brought from mountain Athos. The temple is situated in Barnaul on Nikitina street, 137.


There are 6 Orthodox cloisters on the territory of Altai Kray, the most famous are Znamenskiy convent in Barnaul.

About 20 nuns serve in the convent, they sew clothes for priests, they look after the convent and serve. There is John- Kronstadt convent near Barnaul  in village Kislukha of Altai Kray.

There is a unique archaeological and religious monument in Altai Kray, the only one in Russia-undeground Orthodox cloister of the beginning of the XX century. It is situated near village Srednekrasilovo of Zarinskiy district.

The cloister represents the whole complex of undeground ways which  by its inner structure is similar to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra,but at the moment many of them peeled off and became useless.

Korobeynikovskaya Kazanskaya Icon Of Mother Of God

On of the main relics in Altai Kray and whole Siberia is Korobeinikovskaya Kazanskay Icon of Mother of God. The icon was in Vigin Mother Kazan Temple in village Korobeynikovo from the beginning of the 20th century.

The temple was robbed and closed in 1938. The icon served as a floor covering while one of the citizens saved it. In some time the icon was renewed, and now there is a big holiday which takes place in village Korobeynikovo every first Sunday of July, during the holiday there is a cross tour from Barnaul.

Natalia Gevorkyan Travelled Trough
-I recommend everyone arriving in Altai to visit the Biyskiy Regional Museum of Spirtual Mission. It is a unique place in respect to history, culture of the region. And wonderful people work there. We were oppressed by our guide!
The highest point of Kolyvanskiy mountain ridge-mountain Sinukha with open-air temple and the place for pilgrimage for believers from all over Russia. This place is famous for several natural granite bowls situated on the top of the mountain, which are being naturally filled, the water in them considered to be sacred.Orthodox cross is situated on the top of the mountain.
Archibishop's Metochion
Biysk was a religious centre of Altai Kray in the beginning of the 19 century. That was the reason of the construction of Biysk Archbishop's Metochion consisting of 31 buildings, artificial pond, botanical gardens. The history of the metochion  is shrouded in mystery. During restoration works there were discovered undergound passages, walled-in secret spiral stairs, immured walls and passages.