Extreme Tourism

Altai Kray gives a lot of opportunities to those who love comfort, family rest. However those who like extreme tourism will find difficult and fascinating routes. First of all for water-tourists, motor car-tourists and those who like horse riding.


Rafting Of Fifth Category

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin rafted the river Charysh in 2003.

Many other famous people were on Charysh and described it as a quite route which does not need preliminary preparation.

Not everyone knows that Kumir-Charysh-Korgon is the route of the fifth category of complexity.

Rafting is combined with horse riding and excursions.

The foothills of Altai Kray is good for horse travelling.

Coniferous trees, Alpine meadows surrounded by middle mountains, caves make this rest cognitive.

It is important to remember that any active route needs not only a mastery of travellers but also guide and reliable consultant.



 Paragliding is a dynamic, spectator kind of sport, gathering a lot of members not only from Russia but the Near East, Europe and Asia.

On the territory of the region there is unique places for flights, such as tourist-recreational zone "Biruzovaya Katun'" which is popular among those who like extreme kind of sport.

Also there is a camping of paragliders in Soloneshenskiy district.

The most favourable seasons for flights are winter and summer, days when weather is fixed.

However this devision is relative. The flights are possible in any time of the year.



The large part of Altai Kray can be called the territory.

Railroad ends in Biysk and tourists continue their trip by interurban or private transport.

Altai Kray is penetrated with roads and travellers have the opportunity to see a lot of wonderful places, to learn culture and architecture of the region.

However there are objects which are better to visit by off-road vehicle. 

Gornaya Kolyvan', Salairskiy Kryazh, old highway of Ekaterina, Tigirekskiy reserve with rich history and beauty relate to difficult to access region.

Smirnov Alexander Member Of Altai Regional Association Of Tourism

It is necessary to develop active tourism in Altai Kray. Though seasonality is a scourge for us now. Snowmobile routes, speleoroutes, other winter kinds of tourism are offered to guests nowadays, but predominantly summer trips are left.

Here one can choose rafting of any level of complexity from the most simple to the most difficult, which gives the opportunity to get the status of the champion of Russia by water tourism. Natural landscapes of Altai Kray are practically the whole world in the limits of one country.These places are interesting for archaeologists, ornithologists, sportsmen, representatives of other spheres.

Kumir Valley-Idol Of Rivers!
"Kumir" in Russian means "Idol". Tourists from different corners of our Motherland-Altai Kray, Altai Republic, Novosibirsk, Tomsk region, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg say: "Idol of all rivers!"

Many people travel through the Kumir valley on foot, winter ski tours. As the river which is suitable for rafting from the end of April till the end of October. Kumir is widely famous among water tourists.  All-Russian, regional competitions by water tourism are regulary held here. Rafting through Kumir, Korgon and Charysh has 5 categories of complexity.

The Kumir is beautiful but wilful river. Its calm stream becomes impetuous, water boils, rages, roars and in 50 meters becomes quite again as if there were no unbridled outrage of element.

One can get to the Kumir valley by different highways from Barnaul: "Barnaul-Soloneshenskoe-Ust'-Kan", "Barnaul-Altaiskoe-Cherga-Ust'-Kan", "Barnaul-Biysk-Srostki-Semenskiy pass". The road leads to village Ust'-Kumir from ust'-Kana, one should turn to field road, leading upstream. The road is not very good, but people travel through it even by foreign cars and on Russian "Zhiguli" and UAZ.