Cognitive Tourism

Altai past is rich, many-sided and interesting. Altai Kray has big cultural, historic, archaeological potential, there are more than 5 thousands of sights on the territory of it.

Cognitive tours: geological, cultural and cognitive, archaeological will suit even experienced tourist. Everyone can feel the spirit of  history, touch the sources of the universe.

Altai Kray can be considered as a "Cradle of humankind". There are a lot of archaeological excavations, historic artefacts on the territory of the region. Archaeological works has been heling for more than 30 years in Denisov's cave in Soloneshenski district of Altai Kray. There was founded a peculiar Altai type of ancient men - "Denisov's man". The cave is one of the obects of world heritage of UNESCO, there is a free access to the cave, everyone can visit it and take part in excavations.

The Museums of Altai Kray

Altai Kray is rich in unusual museums and expositions, in every district of the region there is at least one regional museum. Unique museums: The Museum of Forest, The Goose Museum, The Museum of Altai medicine in Rubtsovsk, The Museum of Chuiskiy Highway in Biysk etc.

The Museum of Mordovian Culture in village Zalesovo. Zalesovskiy district is interesting because one can acquaint with Mordovian way of life, traditions, taste national dishes, sing national songs.

The Kolyvanskiy Museum of History of Mining in Altai in village Kolyvan' in Kur'inskiy district of Altai Kray is famous for its unique exposition in which there are original paintings of  students of drawing school of the 19th century, drafts of vases. fire places, by which Kolyvan' masters made their works of art for the decoration of the Hermitage halls, palaces and palace park.

Near the museum there is Kolyvanskiy Stone-Cutting Factory, consisting of the whole complex of administrative buildings, workshops where work has been boiling for more than 200 years.

One of the unique objects is restored "water wheel", which moved  equipment and helped masters in their work and now it is just a museum exhibit.

Museum of Mining of A.Demidov In Zmeinogorsk


Rudniy Altai

Altai Kray is rich in its  deposits. Altai Kray has the deposit of precious and semi-precious ores and metals. The main part of them is situated in so called "Rudniy Altai"(Ore Altai)

There are extracting deposits of gold in Soloneshenskiy and Kur'inskiy districts of Altai Kray. Lazurskoe deposit of mineral blue and malachite is a real paradise for professionals and amateur geologists. Revnevskoye deposit with unique Revenev's jasper in Zmeinogorskiy district. Famous Tsarina of Vases was made from this jasper.

The site Karama of the epoch of Palaeolithic period  in Soloneshenskiy district of Altai Kray dated  1 million 700 thousand years - it is the oldest monument on the territory of Russia.
Old Roads And Highways
Altai can be called the region of roads. Their total extension is about17 thousands kilometers. Chuiskiy highway has been passing through the territory of the region since ancient times - the road which has been connecting Altai with Asia for several millenniums.
Chuiskiy highway is a peculiar trade ground for Scythians- nomads, Kazakh people. The roads which are connected with mining - Old Zmeinogorskiy highway, Demodov's Rudovoznaya road, Old Ekaterina's highway. Ore was transported along these highways from the place where it was mined to factories and fabrics, and also for export in neighboring regions.