Minor Golden Ring of Altai

During this route tourists can get acquainted with the beauty and variety of Altai nature, its historical and cultural heritage and wonderful people. The route goes through two cities and four districts of Altai Krai.
The tour starts in Byisk – the contemporary of Saint Petersburg, founded 15 years later – in 1718. Everybody who travels along Chuyskiy highway visits the city as well as the Russian Memorial Museum-reserve of Shukshin.
Later tourists visit special economic zone of a tourist-recreational type “Biruzovaya Katun'”. Today it is a rapidly developing tourist complex of comfort and extreme tourism in the mountains, located on the left bank of the Katun'. Here one can go on walking tours, ride a horse, bicycle or a quadricycle. River rafting with overcoming rapids, visiting a water grotto and paragliding leave an indelible impression!
Those who prefer more traditional and family recreations, can relax on the bank of an artificial lake with the variety of service or go to Tavdinskiye caves and an open-air park "Perekrestok Mirov" (The Crossroads of the Worlds).
It is also necessary to include in the route such places as Kaimskiy Siberian stag farm, Lake Aya and scientific plantation Biolit. There is a planned stop in the resort-city Belokurikha, which belongs to unique resorts of the Russian Federation.


The route begins in Biysk in Altai Kray. General extension of the route is 280 km depending on the filling of excursion program, the pasing of it may take from two to five days.

How To Get To Place
To the initial point of the route one can get by firm train "Kalina Krasnaya" and "Vostok", which departs daily from the capital of Altai Kray Barnaul. Today the trip through "Minor Golden Ring" held tourist's companies of Biysk, Barnaul and Belokurikha.
Advice to travelers
In any time of the year one can visit the Biuskiy Regional Museum of V.V. Bianka. Uspenskiy Cathedral. The Museum of History of Altai Spiritual Mission, Tourist's Complex "Weekend-park". the junction of the rivr Ob'
If you were on the route in summer, you should visit Lebedinye lakes (Swan lakes) in winter. It is one of the  two regions in Russia, where swans spend winter. Wonderful sight - to observe birds in their natural enviroment.
The route includes a big number of objects. At the request of the group operators can make the program where the most interesting tourist's objects will be included. The route can be extended and amplified with other objects of Altai.

Muscovites Chose Altai Kray

The group of Moscow tourists travelled through Golden Ring of Altai from 22 to 31 July. Muscovites watched Biysk, Belokurikha, Biruzovaya Katun, visited museums, climbed mountains, rafted, swam in the lake, rode horses.

"Ten days were not enough. We wanted to watch and visit so many places or to stay longer,-told the manager of the group Natalia Gevorkyan.- Russia is a big country. Many places where one can have a rest. Baikal, Khakassiya, Altai -we thought where to go?" Far away. But we have chosen Altai Kray, because we had heard a lot about its wonderful nature. It is important that we found out the agency which organized our tour as we wanted.

Maintenance Of Route
Merchant's Biysk - Coaching Inn for Hierarchs "Rozhdenie Obi" All-Russian memorial museum of V.M. Shukshin- traditions of  Kumandins- apiary, tasting of honey- inique cheese vareniks and tasting of cheese - Biruzovaya Katun'- Tavdinskie caves- archeaological park "Perekrestok Mirov" the monument of Rerikh-the excursion to stag-breeding farms - rafting on the river Katun' "Tsevetushchaya Dolina'- the resort of Belokurikha-mountain Tserkovka-Stables-horse riding.