Kazach'ya Podkova

Altai Kazach'ya Podkova (Cossack Horseshoe) is a tour for those who do not simply like to study and observe the nature and history, but primarily want to witness and participate in traditional celebrations and rites. During the tour, visitors will be able to meet atamans and Cossacks in their village, see their performances, take part in rites, try local cuisine, learn a trade and how to operate a sabre, whip and lash. Summer and winter drive in a coach-and-three and horse bathing is a unique offer of the route.

Tourists also become witnesses of a wedding rite and feel the atmosphere of those times. They can taste local Cossack dishes such as cabbage soup, corn, potato, pumpkin, and mead.

Tourists will listen to local music and see trick riding on horses. All these things – starting from identical copies of Cossack costumes and ending with their items of life – leave an indelible impression and create a time travel effect.

Later tourists will be taken to Krasnoshchyokovskiy Region, village Maralikha where they will be met in the house of Suvorov – a real Cossack from the Don. There they will find a weaving machine, iron beds, a portable gramophone, an oil press and other tiny items which reflect the mood of those years. An excursion to the mountains in an equipped cart will also leave a lasting impression.

Krasnoshchyokovo – is a real and little studied land for the development of tourism. Such places as Tigirek nature reserve with its untouched nature, a great number of unstudied caves with beautiful legends and names – Ledyanaya (Icy), Letuchyh myshey (Bats), Strashnaya (Scary), Khankharinskaya, Logovo giyeny (Hyena’s den) are well worth visiting. There are also unique famous curative springs. These places, like an old wine or a piece of art, become even more valuable with years.

Later the route takes its travelers to Lake Beloye which has become a tourist attraction and a place for the rest for tourists. There is a small island in the middle of the lake – according to the legend, Demidov, the founder of a copper-smelting factory in Altai, drowned his secret workshop here where he minted silver coins in the fear of the rage of the empress.

Another unique point of the route is Kolyvanskoye Lake with its magnificent rocks reflected in the water which amaze tourists’ imagination.

The route stretches out from "Kolyvan-Kuznetskaya" defensive line to Zmeinogorsk. The extention of it is 2300 km, and  the trip takes 10 days. It can be carried out all-the-year-round..

How To Get To Place
On registered transport for the travelling of organized group. The net of the route: Barnaul-village Eltsovka-vilage Novopokrovka- the river Charysh-village Maralikha-lake Beloe- lake Kolyvanskoe-Ust'-Kamenogorsk.
Advice to travelers
The trip is not for everybody. The extension of the route, its saturation needs good efficiency and interest. The mastering of the route is better to start in small pieces, not more than two districts.
The tour is recommended for people infatuated with photos or those who like educational tourism. The route is saturated with excursions, traditional cossack ceremonies, the visiting of the objects of rural tourism.
The route is young and it means that it is developing. The receiving side, the owners of the houses, farms, organizers of holidays constantly work for the improvement of the program and increasing of the quality of services.
Philip B. Tristan, Citizen Of France, Writer, Famous Blogger, Photographer
-I came here in the morning, earlier than a bus with tourists. People are pleasant here. They treated me kindly. They willingly answered all the questions. Now I know who are Cossacks. I never met something similar to it in Europe, I cannot compare it with anything. I have been travelling through Altai Kray for a long period of time. For half a day I made more photos than for the previous month and a half.
Passing-Track In Cossack Village
Nowadays village Charyshskoye is the concentration of the Cossacks as in previous times. It is a border area, here is the brightest history about the protection of Russia from Dzhungars, then, preserving the faith to oath, from red detachments.

"The great breakthrough" influenced Cossack fates very much. In December in intensely cold weather  escaping from Reds during the crossing of the Charysh there were killed 96 Cossacks in 1919. By local Polovtsian in village Sibiryachikha were chopped down 280 Cossacks.
Mountain Of Taking Leave
Mountain Sapataya (Snuffling) in village Novopokrovka has an interesting story  of the name. It was named so because Cossack women shed a tear when accompanied their husbands to campaign, and Cossacks said:"They are snuffling!"