Grand Golden Ring of Altai

Grand Golden Ring of Altai is a route with the length over 2 thousand kilometers which goes through the most beautiful places in Altai. It goes through the south-eastern part of Western-Siberian Plain as well as valleys and passing of northern mountain ridges of Altai and includes four cities and 19 districts.
The tour gives a unique opportunity to see the might and the beauty of our land, to study the history of the settlement of the region, to feel the wealth and the curative power of the nature.
The main points of the route include:
1. Barnaul (Demidov Square, Local History museum, arboretum, river Ob, bend-type pine forest, Altai theaters). During their way, tourists will witness the change of wonderful landscapes from steppe in Aleisk into foothills in Kurya.
2. Aleisk and Kuryya village where a world famous constructor of small arms Mikhail Kalashnikov was born.
3. Savvushki village, Zmeinogorsk and Staroaleiskoye village which is situated on the border with Kazakhstan. Here one can find seasonal and year-round places to stay and local farmstead, ski tracks; tourists will see Kolyvanskoye Lake, water chestnut, rocks of an unusual shape, the museum of the history of mining industry in Altai, mountain Zmeinaya (Snake), Gilyevskoye reservoir, etc.
4. Butyrshikha, Chineta, Charyshskoye villages. Here one can find a lot of archaeological monuments, unpopulated hills with peaks up to 2,5 kilometers which are suitable for active, extreme and eco- tourism. Not far away from Soloneshnoye village there is a famous Denisov Cave which is an archaeological monument of culture. Later the route goes through the Peschanka, arboretum “Biolit”, Lake Aya and “Biruzovaya Katun'”. “Biruzovaya Katun'” is the only tourist-recreational zone which is open for tourists and visitors. Here operate objects of seasonal and round-year accommodation as well as ski tracks. Tourists can visit a warm artificial lake, famous Tavdinskiye Caves, archaeological park “The Crossroads of the Worlds” with real Turkic burial mounds and a monument to a famous traveler, philosopher and artist Roerich.


The point where the route begins and ends is Barnaul, the general extension is almost a half thousand kilometers. 1200 km of the route run through asphalted road with different degree of deterioration, but nevertheless it is asphalt, 220 km - macadam covering and about 80 km of ground road.

How To Get To Place
On registered transport travelling with organized group. Private transport travelling on your own.
Advice to travelers
The route is interesting for travelling in any time of the year. Summer bathings in lakes, mountain courses and other entertainments in winter.
Taking into consideartion the variety and big number of attractions, tourists can coordinate the content of the organizer of the trip depending on interests and season.
The route is indispensable for people studying history, archaeology, culture and geography of Russia.
Oleg  Moseev The Manager Of Press-Cutting Service Of Federal Tourist's Agency
As Oleg Moseev told the trip through Altai Kray is full of positive impressions:"These places are wonderful!" One can surely say about perfect ecology everywhere we stay.
Wonderful nature- clear lakes and rivers provide very strong impression. Tremendous cleanness - no rubbish anywhere." Moscow guest was impressed by the visiting of caves in Krasnoshchekovskiy district: wonderul natural objects are come-at-able for vacationists.
The members of the expedition visited Vodnaya cave , where underground lake with curative water is situated. "Wonderful combination of natural beauty and unforgettable flavour of herbs!" Many of those who came in Altai Kray from Moscow dreamt of being here on the plateau, to breathe this air, filled with herbs!"

During the trip the guest had the opportunity to taste different kinds of tea, prepared from decoction of Altai herbs, delicious dishes from fresh fish.
The route "Grand Golden Ring of Altai" has the extension of more              than 3200 km. It passes through 9 towns and 47 districts of the region, including such emblematic places of the area as Gornaya Kolyvan, Gorniy Charysh, Yarovoe and steppe part of the region. It passes through south-easten part of Western-Siberian plain, and also through valleys and passes of northern mountain ridge of Altai and includes the visiting of four towns and 22 districts of the region, The extension of the route is about 1500 km.
The Route Passes Through Historic Defensive Line Created For The Protection From Dzhungars
Tourists visit Cossack settlements which are located not only on the territory of Altai Kray, but on the border with Kazakhstan and the Kuznetsk Basin In Grand Golden Ring of Altai are included Gornaya Kolyvan and village Srostki- the birthplace of Vasiliy Shukshin, Kosikhinskiy district which presented the world the second cosmonaut of the planet German Titov and the poet Robert Rozhdestvenskiy, village Eltsovka, where the famous actress Ekaterina Savinova was born.